Study of origins

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The objective of this study will be to catalyze, support, and disseminate research on issues related to the foundations of physics and cosmology, leading to a deeper understanding of where we live.


To achieve the goals in the study of origins, scientists and philosophers from all areas will be periodically invited and gathered to discuss the oldest questions related to our existence, using the latest ideas and findings of scientific research. It is expected that this shall lead to new paradigms that may change the way scientists think when they discuss the key issues of the universe as well as expand our consciousness about the real meaning of the existence of an inhabited planet in such a vast and complex universe.

Topics to be explored include (but are not limited to) the following questions:

  1. What came before the big bang?
  2. Is there a mathematical definition of “nothing”?
  3. How does the transition from “nothing” to “something” occur?
  4. Do other universes exist?
  5. How are the values of nature’s constants determined?
  6. What is the nature of time?
  7. Is the arrow of time connected to entropy?
  8. How can we interpret quantum mechanics?
  9. Can quantum mechanics be reconciled with gravitation?
  10. What is dark energy?
  11. What is dark matter?
  12. What is the origin of life?
  13. Is life ubiquitous or an accident of nature?
  14. How rare are inhabited planets?
  15. It is possible to understand consciousness?

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